Why Ladder Racks are an Essential Tool of the Trades

May 21, 2018

A well designed ladder rack is an essential tool of the trades, offering many more advantages than simply loading and transporting ladders. Review the top benefits of using a ladder rack to understand why it belongs on every tradesman’s work truck.

Ladder Racks Free Up Cargo Space

If you have a ladder rack, ladders don’t have to take up valuable floor space. This frees up cargo space for tools and other equipment. If you’ve been making multiple trips because your van lacks the storage capacity to get everything to the job site, this can save you that second trip. By freeing up cargo space, you may be able to load and unload faster at the job site. Time is money, and a ladder rack will save you both.

Ladder Racks Reduce Safety Risks

A ladder rack is the best way to secure a ladder to your vehicle. So it is out of the way and safely secured for transport. This protects you and other drivers on the road, because a secure ladder will not slip off your van and into the road. A secure ladder also protects your crew, because there’s no worry about the ladder shifting position or falling out of place and causing injury.

Ladder Racks Protect Your Investment

Good ladders are expensive, and so are commercial vehicles. If you don’t have a ladder rack, both your ladder and your vehicle are more likely to become damaged when the ladder bangs the inside of the vehicle. By installing a ladder rack, you can protect your ladder from dings and dents and keep your vehicle’s finish free of dents and scratches.

How to Pick a Ladder Rack

Now that you understand why a ladder rack is so important, how can you find the right rack for your needs? Think about what you usually carry in your van. Do you transport other large materials that could be secured to the ladder rack, such as oversized tubing? Do you have one ladder or several ladders of different sizes? By thinking about your day to day needs, you can figure out what type of ladder rack would be the best choice for you.

Once you’ve determined what sort of ladder rack suits your needs, shop for a high-quality ladder rack. Buying the best rack you can afford invests in your business.