Ladder Racks for Pickup Trucks Buying Guide

July 27, 2018

If you rely on your pickup truck to transport equipment, then you know how critical cargo capacity is. With a ladder rack installed, you can save space and reduce the number of trips you take to get all your materials to a project site.

Why Use a Ladder Rack?

It’s all about efficiency, and a ladder rack is one of the most efficient pieces you can put on your truck. A ladder rack frees up truck bed space for light equipment while securely storing the essentials. Over bed racks are ideal for transporting large cargo items.

Ladder Rack Shopping Tips

Not all ladder racks are designed equally, so it’s important to pay attention to features when shopping.

A good ladder rack should be versatile enough to allow you to move a wide variety of materials, whether it’s long pieces, bulky pieces, or heavy items.

It should go without saying that you must pay attention to safety. A ladder rack that is poorly designed can become a hazard during use. This could endanger you or pose a public hazard if items become loose and fall off the rack while in transit.

To check for safety, look at the attachment style. A good ladder rack will attach securely to your truck and feature sturdy, yet simple, locking mechanisms.

Materials matter, too. Steel and aluminum are the most common choices for ladder racks. Generally speaking, aluminum racks are lightweight yet can be stronger than steel. They also have the advantage of being rustproof. Steel racks are subject to rust over time, especially discount models.

When you shop for a new ladder rack, always buy the best ladder rack you can afford. A higher price point indicates better materials and workmanship, and this will more than pay for itself over the lifetime of the ladder rack. You should be able to get several years of use from a durable ladder rack, whereas if you buy the cheap model it may not last longer than two years due to heavy corrosion.

Don’t forget about installation. If you don’t install the ladder rack properly, then it cannot do its job. Buy all of the equipment recommended to attach the ladder rack to your truck, then follow installation instructions. Cutting corners here is too dangerous, as you need your ladder rack to be securely attached so you can use it.