Ladder Rack: Why You Need to Add One to Your AC Repair Van

January 29, 2018

HVAC businesses need to have a lot of equipment on hand when they send their vehicles out to customers’ homes. It’s important that HVAC repair vans have a place to store all of the equipment and supplies they need to tackle any job. A ladder rack is a great solution for helping AC repair vans store more materials safely and efficiently.

Here are 3 reasons why you need to add a ladder rack to your AC repair van:

  1. A ladder rack is great for storing larger items.

How many times have you started to pack up a work truck only to realize that not everything fits properly? By storing larger items like ladders or tool kits on the top of the truck in a ladder rack, you free up more room for smaller equipment and supplies inside the truck. This also allows you to use smaller work trucks, which can save your business money.

  1. Ladder racks help AC companies provide better service year-round.

While the majority of AC repair calls take place during the summer, many homeowners will have their AC unit serviced during the spring and winter months when they aren’t using it as often. By keeping your AC repair equipment on top of the van, you are freeing up space for the driver to have better sight lines which will allow them to more effectively adjust to changing road conditions. This allows drivers to get to their destination quickly and safely, offering better and more timely service, no matter what the weather conditions.

  1. Your business can save more money with a ladder rack.

Ultimately, using a ladder rack on your AC repair vans can help your business save more money over time. Clearer driving conditions and less weight in the van allow you to spend less time on the road, saving money on gas and maintenance. In addition, your service technicians are able to provide better service year-round, keeping your customers happy.