How Ladder Racks Benefit Service Fleets

June 29, 2018

It’s important to select the right type of ladder rack for service fleets, because ladder racks can improve productivity, worker safety, and cargo capacity. Before you select a ladder rack, review the strengths and limitations of different types of ladder racks as well as the benefits of adding ladder racks to your service fleets.

Benefits of Using Ladder Racks

More Cargo Space

When ladders go on the rack and not in the back of the vehicle, adding a ladder rack to your cargo fleet can improve the interior cargo space. You will be able to store more tools and equipment in your van when the ladders are stored on a rack. Since ladder racks can accommodate all sorts of items, not just ladders, this opens up the carrying capacity for all vehicles in your fleet.

Reduced Risk of Injury

Since hauling a ladder rack in and out of a vehicle can cause injuries, installing ladder racks cuts down on injuries. This makes loading and unloading safer.

Secure Storage Areas

Ladders are heavy and expensive. If they are not stored securely, you could lose or damage an important asset. Since ladder racks tightly secure the ladder to the vehicle, they eliminate the chance of a ladder slipping or moving during transit and ensure you will be retaining your important equipment.

Boost Productivity

With a ladder rack installed, you will never have to strategize about how to fit a ladder in your vehicle again. Streamlined ladder storage increases productivity. When you quickly load or unload ladders, workers can focus on the important tasks at hand rather than on loading everything in the vehicle.

What to Look for in a Ladder Rack

Ladder racks come in many different sizes. Select the right size based on your typical load and vehicle dimensions, as well as how many ladders you typically carry. No matter what type of vehicle you drive, you can find a suitable ladder rack.

If you’re using the rack frequently, durability is key. If you carry other cargo, certain ladder racks are more accommodating.

Quality is paramount when choosing a ladder rack. A high-quality ladder rack will cost more, but it will be more reliable and built to last, so it’s the better investment.

Take time to examine the pros and cons of different ladder racks and choose what’s right for you and for your business.